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UAE Tour (2) - Valerio Piva: "Curious to see how the climbers do tomorrow"

UAE Tour (2) - Valerio Piva: "Curious to see how the climbers do tomorrow"

This Monday, the island of Hudayriyat welcomed a 13 kilometer individual time trial in its bike park in Abu Dhabi on day two of the UAE Tour (2.WT, 21-27/2). In absence of a strong wind, a high speed was expected on the fast course on smooth asphalt and with wide, sweeping bends. World champion Filippo Ganna met the expectations by finishing the time trial in less than 14 minutes, averaging 55,9km/h, to take the stage win. It took Rein Taaramäe 1:20 longer to finish 65th. This Tuesday, the peloton crosses the desert between Al Ain and  the foot of the Jebel Hafeet, a 10,6 kilometer climb (6,9% average gradient) where de climbers can enjoy themselves.

Valerio Piva:
« For most of the riders, it was the first time trial of the year today. So the goal was to get back in the rhythm and get used to the routines again. We especially wanted to achieve the best possible result with Rein Taaramäe, because within our selection he's the most specialized rider in the discipline. His performance was average, but we're already looking forward to tomorrows mountain top finish. »

« We expect our four climbers, who will receive the support of Kreder, Minali and Van Melsen to cross the desert towards the foot of the climb. Yesterday we've seen that the wind is a decisive factor to which we constantly have to pay attention. We'll race attentively and see how the race goes. Anticipating with our climbers doesn't seem a good idea to me, as crossing the flat desert in a breakaway will cost a lot of energy. Their legs will speak when climbing Jebel Hafeet, I'm already curious to see how they will do tomorrow! »

Stage 2:
1.Filippo Ganna 13:56
2.Stefan Bissegger +0:14
3.Mikkel Bjerg +0:21
65.Rein Taaramäe +1:20
80.Louis Meintjes +1:34
98.Wesley Kreder +1:47
100.Kévin Van Melsen +1:48
125.Simone Petilli +2:16
126.Riccardo Minali +2:18

Provisional general classification:
1.Tadej Pogacar
2.Joao Almeida +0:05
3.Mattia Cattaneo +0:18
72.Rein Taaramäe +9:27
85.Louis Meintjes +9:41
102.Wesley Kreder +9:54
104.Kévin Van Melsen +9:55
122.Jan Hirt +10:16
125.Simone Petilli +10:23
126.Riccardo Minali +10:25